“[My son] has benefited greatly from Sarah’s tutoring. He has attended her private tutoring 1 to 2 hours per week. He covered multiple disciplines with her, including math, science, history, reading comprehension, and Spanish. [My son’s] writing has improved and although he had a good understanding in math, Sarah’s help has worked to improve his grades. [My son] enjoys working with Sarah and often talks to me about a discussion that they had.” – Parent of Westwood High School 11th Grader

“[My daughter] benefited a great deal from the [SAT] prep class. There has to be a commitment from your child as there is a lot of homework to be done to prepare for each class. [My daughter] enjoyed the class and was very pleased with her increased SAT scores. I was so pleased with the group class session; it was a perfect fit for [our daughter]. I like the fact that you have put a lot into it to get a lot out of it – a great lesson for our children! We have been referring lot of Medfield students! Thanks for everything.” – Parent of Medfield High School 11th Grader

“When we started with Sarah, there was immediate improvement, both academically and emotionally. Prior to working with Sarah, homework time at our house was very unpleasant and very tense as Dad attempted to ‘help’ with math homework.” – Parent of Canton Middle School 7th Grader

“Sarah’s gift of teaching has my son enjoying Shakespeare! Last week, during a class discussion of Homer’s Odyssey, my son was able to proudly and fully participate because Sarah inspired him through her vast literary knowledge. He understands nuance and character development.” - Parent of Dover 8th Grader

“Sarah helped me with any subject I needed help in. I was really struggling with math my junior year, and once I started the tutoring, my grades went and I understood the material. She was also a huge help with college essays and applications. The SAT Prep class was really helpful. I liked working with a group of students; it made the class more interesting and challenging. I learned a lot of useful strategies and skills that I couldn’t have gotten from an SAT prep book.” - Westwood High School 12th Grader

“Although the SAT class did entail a lot of work, it definitely paid off in the end. . . . the class made me a better test taker, which has helped me with both standardized testing and school in general. I enjoyed being in a class with other students because we were able to learn from each other’s mistakes. . . . You helped me so much. . . . I’m so glad that I took your class!” - Medfield High School 11th Grader

“Great experience for our daughter. Excellent syllabus [in SAT class]. Methodical and engaging teaching skills.” - Parent of Dover Sherborn High School 11th Grader

“Sarah is a good teacher. She understands what she teaches and was able to explain the information so that I learned easily. Sarah was able to explain the books we read together and make Shakespeare enjoyable for me” - Dover 8th Grader

“It helped [my daughter] focus and also understand what she was currently working on in high school” - Parent of Walpole High School 11th Grader

“[Sarah] was very good and helpful and prepared me very well.” – Walpole High School 11th Grader



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